Contents Insurance

Contents insurance

If your house burnt down today, could you afford to replace everything (including your wardrobe) tomorrow? If the answer is ‘no’, then you need to insure your household belongings against fire, theft, water, wind and storm damage – you need MiWay’s Home Contents Insurance, MiHomeStuff.

Why choose MiWay's Contents Insurance?

  • Affordable premiums, low flat excess
  • Earn rewards and save on joining fees by buying your home contents insurance  online
  • Award-winning, customer service and a hassle free claims process  – you can even manage the process online!
  • Free Household Emergency Assistance
  • Alternative accommodation should your building be unfit to live in following an incident *

* Terms & Conditions apply

MiWay’s Contents Insurance product covers all your personal possessions inside your home belonging to you and the members of your household who live with you – this includes TVs, furniture, clothing, curtains, loose carpets etc. MiWay will also cover items in your outbuildings, whether separate from your home or not.

If you’re renting, your landlord’s insurance will not cover you for any stolen or damaged personal items. It could cost you thousands of rands to replace your clothes, furniture, crockery and other electronic devices. This is where MiHomeStuff comes in. It also covers you for any amounts payable to your landlord arising from accidental damage to your rented building.

What is the difference between Contents Insurance and All-Risk Insurance?

Contents Insurance covers all your personal possessions inside your home, for example, your television, hi-fi, kitchen appliances, furniture etc.

All-Risk Insurance covers all your personal possessions that are portable; like laptop computers, electronic notebooks, iPhones, smartphones, iPods, cellphones, sunglasses and other items that go where you go.

How do I get my stuff insured?

The Home Contents insurance process starts with you completing an insurance quote with MiWay – either online  or telephonically. Assuming you find the premium affordable (which we are sure you will!) you agree to a start date for your new cover.

MiWay will send you your documentation including a Coversheet (Policy schedule), which spells out the terms of your insurance policy and explains everything you need to know regarding your policy and car insurance in general.

Please remember to comply with any requirements (documents, certificates required, etc.) as this will influence whether you would enjoy insurance cover or not.

Your home contents insurance cover will be fully activated once MiWay has received your premium.

Additional Home Insurance Options

Additional options such as extended theft cover; cover for loss due to power surges and dips as well as extended cover for your garden and leisure equipment can also be added to your home contents insurance policy.

If you’re concerned about the additional risk imposed on your home when you leave it unoccupied during your holidays or business trips, contact us by logging into MiXpress or by giving us a call on 0860 64 64 64.