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It Pays to Name Drop!

What is Name Dropping?

The Name Drop programme is a rewards programme that gives you cash for doing something that comes naturally to all of us: sharing experiences, discussing or recommending products and services is all part of our daily interactions with friends and family. Name Dropping is an easy way to earn cash rewards. It’s as easy as telling your friends about us; and telling us about them.

Being a MiWay client not only gives you comfort that your valuables are protected in case of loss, but it also means that you can earn loads of benefits, just by being a part of our family.

MiWay clients can earn cash rewards for Name Dropping. R1 000 for each incepted policy and R5 000 bonus rewards for every 5 online policies. **

Who can Name Drop?

New or existing MiWay clients are eligible to Name Drop **. Get a quote now if you are not already a MiWay client!


Download more information about the Name Drop programme

How do I start Name Dropping?

  1. If you're an existing MiWay client, log into MiXpress (to register, click here)
  2. Visit the Name Drop tab and accept the terms and conditions
  3. You're ready to start Name Dropping! You will need to capture the following details for each friend you want to Name Drop: 
    • name and surname; 
    • email address and 
    • cellphone number.
  4. The friend you Name Drop will receive an automated email from yourself and MiWay recommending that they take up an online non-life policy with MiWay.
  5. Each Name Drop gives you an earning potential of R1 000. **

How do I start earning rewards? **

  • Qualifying policies will be those that initiate their quote online by using the link provided in the invitation email.
  • A non-life insurance policy, with a minimum premium of R500, must be taken with MiWay and bought online.
  • Once 3 successful full premium payments have been made, MiWay will pay R1,000 in cash into your bank account within 10 working days.

For every 5 friends that take out their MiWay policy online, your rewards will double!

Your R5,000 becomes R10,000 and R10,000 becomes R20,000. The more you Name Drop the more you increase your earning potential.

Stay on top of your rewards!

You can check up on the progress of your rewards at any time. Visit the Name Drop page, where you will be able to check on the status of your Name Drops, as well as get an indication of your earning potential based on how many of your friends take up online policies with MiWay.
** Terms & conditions apply. Please note that Name Drop rewards are not applicable to Business Insurance policyholders.