No-one likes to feel alone. Especially in moments when you feel at risk or in danger.

Your personal safety matters to MiWay. Your family’s too. That is why we have developed a unique product, in partnership with Aura, which you and your family can use in the event of a personal safety emergency.

What is MiGuard?

MiGuard is a personal armed security response service offered by MiWay. Whenever you or your family members feel at risk, press the Panic button on the MiWay App and an armed guard will be sent to your location.

The MiGuard service includes a number of security response companies, which are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority and represents over 3,000 armed reaction teams.

The MiGuard service is available in major metros, sub-metros and selected outlying areas.

How does MiGuard work?

You need to have mobile data or an active Wi-Fi connection, with the most up to date version of the MiWay App downloaded as the first step to accessing the panic button. Once you have the app downloaded, you can then:

  • Press and hold the MiGuard panic button on the MiWay App for 3 seconds.
  • Answer the emergency call from MiWay to confirm your emergency.
  • The armed response will be sent to your location - please ensure that your app location services have been enabled.
  • You will see details of the dispatched armed guard(s) on the App so that you can track them and identify them.
  • If you do not have data or your signal is poor, please give our MiHelp team a call on 0860 076 764.
  • Standard rates and Ts and Cs apply.

MiGuard is available to anyone within the borders of South Africa and can be sold as a standalone VAPS product at R59 p/m and covers up to 3 family members. MiGuard is not a FAIS regulated product, however fair conduct principles will still apply.

Why MiGuard?

  • Armed Guard services.
  • 24/7 access to the crisis response centre- AURA.
  • Crisis centre coordination – if you need additional services other than armed guard service, or are in an area that doesn’t have a security company, the crisis centre will coordinate with other providers to dispatch the help you need to the location.

Here’s what some of our clients had to say about their MiGuard experience:

“MiWay responded to my emergency way faster than expected. They made sure to deliver their best service within a short space of time especially considering the fact that I was in the middle of nowhere. The consultant, Ndodana Mondi didn’t give up on calling me even when I had network issues where I was stuck. He was genuinely concerned about my safety and did his best to calm me down. He even gave me some tips on staying safe as he tried to dispatch security services to keep me safe as I was still waiting for the towing truck. The two services dispatched to me (security and towing truck) also outdid themselves. They helped me more than what was expected of them, I felt very safe and protected.” – MiWay Client

“The timing was excellent; within 15 minutes they had sent the security guards to the location where I was. The tow truck arrived 20 minutes later. I felt safe the whole time.” – MiWay Client “So, we were stranded on the R300, in the direction towards Bellville. The car just shut of no power. After contemplating a few minutes, I hit the MiWay Assist button on my app. Within seconds a consultant was on the line and in minutes roadside assistance and a guardian angel was there for our protection. I can’t thank MiWay enough for the speedy and excellent service.” – MiWay client

Activate MiGuard, today! Click here for a step-by-step guide.

There is no limit to the usage of the panic button, use the service responsibly to avoid false alarms.