MiHelp – MiWay’s Emergency Household and Roadside Assistance

MiWay offers free emergency assistance when you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 08 600 767 64 (08 600 SOS MI) when you need our help.

It's not easy to stay calm when your car breaks down en route to your holiday destination - or when you return home only to find you’ve left your house keys behind and you’re locked out!

MiHelp Home Assistance

Home Assistance is automatically included (up to an annual limit) if you have home contents or buildings insurance cover with MiWay. It is only applicable to the addresses noted on your Coversheet.

MiWay’s MiHelp Home Assistance includes services rendered by locksmiths, electricians, builders, plumbers, glaziers, bee keepers, security and tree fellers. We have service providers ready and waiting to help you with the repairs of any damaged home appliances (excluding audio and computer equipment).

MiHelp will at my request, relay emergency notification to police, ambulance, fire brigade or any other emergency services. Lost your bank card? We will assist in notifying the relevant authorities.

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MiHelp Roadside Assistance

If you have vehicle insurance cover with MiWay, Roadside Assistance automatically applies to each vehicle (up to an annual limit) where MiHelp is noted to be included on your Coversheet.

MiWay’s MiHelp Roadside Assistance covers vehicle emergencies anywhere in South Africa, and includes towing in the case of a breakdown, safe storage, assistance with flat tyres, flat batteries, locksmiths or if you run out of fuel. If you are stranded more than 100km from your home, MiHelp Roadside Assistance can assist with hotel accommodation, alternative transportation and/or repatriation of your vehicle.

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There are safe alternatives to driving under the influence of alcohol. One such option is WeDrive, a ‘take me home’ service offered by MiWay. This service lets you have all the fun, without any of the drawbacks – and best of all, you are driven home safely in your own car after a night out on the town.

Available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein, Nelspruit, George, Port Elizabeth and East London.  WeDrive (up to an annual limit) is FREE for qualifying clients.

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The MiWay App

  • The MiWay App has a number of useful features, which will assist you with emergency situations:
  • Capture details at the scene of an accident
  • Get in touch with the 24-hour Emergency Assistance call centre by tapping a button
  • Book your WeDrive trip

» Download the MiHelp brochure for more information.