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By using smart tech embedded in our app, we are able to track your car’s movement and help you stay safe. So if you’re in an area that’s expecting a hailstorm, we’ll send out a warning notification. If you’re ever in an accident, our crash detect feature will alert us and dispatch emergency assistance to you immediately. Run out of petrol? We’re on it. Locked your keys in the car? No problem.

And then there’s cashback. Our app keeps track of the kms you travel every month, so we can reward you with cashbacks at the end of each month for the kms you didn’t drive.

Manage your cover, on the go.

Once you accept your cover, the app becomes your go-to place for submitting a claim, updating your info, checking policy details, cashback and getting help when you need it most.

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What’s covered?


All about cashback.

Our base premium is calculated on a monthly driving distance of 2 500 km. If you drive less, you qualify for cashback monthly. After each cover month, we'll ask you to confirm your car's odometer reading in the app, to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

For instance, you could have been a passenger in a friend's car or in an Uber and if you didn't mark those trips as "not my car" in the app, we could count them towards the distance you’ve traveled that month, which means, you'd get less cashback paid to you! So, we'd rather check in and make sure we pay you the correct amount.



We are part of team MiWay, which gives us plenty of experience, credibility and trust built over thirteen years in the industry.

MiWay Blink brings you a fresh innovative approach to car insurance – one that uses smart tech in the background to bring you complete cover, cashback and amazing service, all in a blink!

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