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MiWay App "R1000 Back on your Claim" Promotion

With MiWay, you have the freedom to claim, right from the accident scene, via the MiWay App. Best of all, MiWay will pay you back R1000 if you submit your car insurance claim via the App!

Terms and Conditions for MiWay App "R1000 Back on your Claim" Promotion

The terms and conditions apply to the R1 000 back ("the Payback") on your motor vehicle accident claim when submitting the claim via the MiWay App ("the Promotion"). By taking part in the Promotion, you agree to be automatically bound by these terms and conditions. 

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, MiWay means MiWay Insurance Limited and for the avoidance of any doubt, claims submitted on the MiWay Blink App are excluded from the Promotion.

The Essentials of the Promotion

When submitting a valid motor vehicle accident claim on the MiWay App, MiWay offers to give you the Payback on your excess.

How Do I Qualify for the Payback?

You qualify for the Payback if you have a valid motor vehicle accident claim in terms of your policy with MiWay, and you do the following:

  1. Submit your motor vehicle accident claim using the MiWay App;
  2. Provide all the requested information for the below:
    • Accident Details (the name of the police station where the accident was reported and the Case Number, are not immediate requirements);
    • Incident Driver details;
    • Other Party details, including all the necessary insurance details and photos (only required where another party was involved);
    • Witness details (only required if there were witnesses); and
    • Officials on the scene (only required if there were authorities – SAPS, Ambulance, Metro / Traffic Officials – on the scene).
  3. Upload photos of the licence discs, driving licence card, and accident scene as well as photos of the damage to the insured vehicle via the MiWay App.

Further Conditions

  1. This Promotion is not applicable to windscreen claims.
  2. MiWay reserves the right to discontinue this Promotion at its discretion and at any time.
  3. MiWay reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without any prior written notice.