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8 ways to earn cash rewards online

With the cost of living constantly on the rise, it's no surprise that individuals are on the lookout for ways to make extra cash to supplement their income. The great thing is that, with every potential issue there is a possible solution - especially if you prefer doing things online. These days, you don't have to break much of a sweat to get something. If you are one of those tech savvy individuals who enjoy the pleasure of convenience in doing things online, then why not earn a little somethi

6 ways to shop conveniently and safely online

With convenience being sought after in this digital age, online shopping is at the top of the list for savvy individuals. Let's face it, not only is it convenient, the bargains are attractive too. Online shopping makes life simpler for many individuals by saving you time and trips to the store, you get to skip the queue and have the items delivered to you - almost anywhere! However, even with its great convenience, it comes with dangers of its own. While we encourage convenience and the freedom

Does your driver have the right licence?

Many South Africans see transport as a viable sector in which to start a small business. Think of the numerous Ubers, taxis, bakkies and trucks that you drive past every day. However, one of the basic conditions of any vehicle insurance policy is that the driver has the relevant qualification. If your business involves the transportation of people, ordinary goods or dangerous goods on public roads, it is critical that your driver(s) have a Professional Driver's Permit. What happens if the drive

Tread carefully: Tyre safety maintenance tips

As a motorist, you face daily struggles as you journey off to your destination - reckless drivers, annoying traffic and widespread potholes are some of the most common ones. The last thing you want to be dealing with on your way to work or an important appointment is a burst or flat tyre - even more frustrating during the cold winter days. A worn or flat tyre not only causes unnecessary delays, but it can also be extremely dangerous, especially on busy roads or in extreme weather conditions, wh

Anti-hijack safety tips

We've all heard a hijack story at one point or another in our lives - whether on the news or a little closer to home. Just a mere thought of being in a hijack situation is enough to send shivers down anyone's spine. While many of us would like to believe that we live in a secure neighbourhood, and that the chances of being a hijack victim are slim, truth is - danger is lurking everywhere, even in your own driveway! We've put together these tips to help you avoid being a hijack victim and what t

Stay safe when arriving home after dark

Your home is meant to be your safe haven, your escape from the world around you. The last thing you expect to deal with after a long day is a chancer in your driveway. Unfortunately, with the alarming crime rate, not even your own driveway is safe to idle in. It is of utmost importance to be vigilant at all times and be aware of your surroundings - even in your private space. Here are some tips to help you remain alert and hopefully avoid being a victim in your own driveway: When approaching y

Understanding your blue light rights

With South African crime stats on the rise, it's no surprise that the sound or sight of flashing lights will stir a little panic. With the common practice of using blue lights to deter motorists, the arrival of government, emergency and police vehicles on the road, motorists often find themselves making avoidable mistakes as a result of the panic. In reality, most flashing lights do in fact belong to legitimate official vehicles who happen to be doing their job, and in some instances, respondin

Six tips to keep your car going through the winter chill

As the days get colder and you add on the layers to keep you warm, have you considered whether your car may need extra maintenance to get through the winter? Keep toasty and get your car properly equipped to deal with the wintery weather: Is your windscreen often frosty or foggy in the mornings, making it difficult to see? Before you drive off, use the defog setting from the inside of your car to clear it up. For the outside, make sure that your wipers are still in good condition as you will b

MiWay launches disaster relief fund

MiWay has launched a disaster relief fund that will make use of a social savings platform, ADDaBIT, to help those affected by weather-related disasters. MiWay will kick-start the fund with a donation of R300 000. "As an insurer, we have long been aware that losses related to extreme weather conditions are increasing. We've been spurred on by a number of disasters that have impacted our country, especially this year. Shortage of water, storms in the Western Cape and now this devastating disaste

The junk status effect on small businesses

The recent downgrade of South Africa's debt to junk status and news of another recession spells tough times for business, with SMEs likely to be the hardest hit. As a business owner, you will be tempted to cut costs as things get tougher - however, insuring your business has never been more important. Don't succumb to the pressure and skimp on your business insurance - being properly covered is critical to long-term survival. In general, depressed economic activity will put pressure on all busin

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