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How to escape from your car if you are caught in a flash flood

Saving your life can be as easy as turning your car around when you see water on the road. However, as we have experienced in Gauteng this past week, when the rain comes down in buckets, water levels can rise extremely quickly. Even in relatively shallow water, tyres can act as flotation devices - lifting up even big vehicles and sending them downstream. It can take just 60 cm of moving water to move a vehicle and carry it away - even if you are in an SUV! Despite your best efforts, you could f

#WhateverTheWeather, we've got you covered!

Extreme weather conditions have been experienced in the Western Cape. Be prepared and stay safe! Because we care about your safety, we've compiled a series of tips to help you - before the storm, during an emergency situation, and afterwards. 1. Avoid! Prevention is always better than cure. If you can avoid getting caught in a dangerous storm situation, do just that. Here are our tips to avoid getting into a sticky situation. 2. Escape! Floods can catch you off-guard, and you may not be lucky

Business owner's insurance made simple

When you own a business, you have a lot to protect, and the right small business insurance cover can be important to your continued success. Luckily, MiWay offers a variety of business insurance products to choose from so that you can protect your business from damages caused by unexpected situations. Business insurance can be overwhelming - here's where to start! Insuring your business's premises: Perhaps the most obvious reason to purchase small business insurance is to protect your building

Security vs Opportunity

I was recently asked what the most valuable business lesson of my career has been. It forced me to think long and hard, because there were quite a few lessons that came to mind. I ended up with a list of ten. I will devote my next ten blog entries to my ten most valuable business lessons. "There is no security in life, only opportunity" - Mark Twain We all want security in life, however, we often make the mistake to believe that we will find security by looking for security. It's in the chasing

How to avoid buying a water-damaged car

We welcome the rain filling up our dams and reservoirs, especially with the current water restrictions - however, we can't ignore the damage that can be caused by storms and floods. Flood water can potentially cause severe damage to our cars that is often hard to spot once the car has dried. If you're on the market for a second-hand car, you definitely don't want to be buying a damaged car. What damages are these, you ask? Damage to airbags - in some cases resulting in them opening unexpectedl

Advanced tracking technology key to fleet asset management and operational control

Advanced vehicle tracking gives fleet owners access to a great deal more than support in vehicle recovery in the case of theft - it also enables better risk management, lower operational costs and improved HR management. It is thus that, as a benefit of its Heavy Commercial Vehicle insurance solutions, MiWay Business Insurance gives its clients free basic tracking devices and preferential rates on optional advanced tracking systems. Mornè Stoltz, Head of Business Insurance and Direct Bro

Breaking news: MiWay clients come clean about MiWay!

MiWay clients have spoken and they've been heard! MiWay's compliments to complaints ratio on HelloPeter.com is a clear indication that MiWay is doing their best to bring their clients #InsuranceFreedom. Thanks to feedback given by the public, MiWay has made it to the number one spot as the most complimented insurer. MiWay prides itself in transparency and lives out its values of freedom, accountability, energy and attitude not only internally, but externally too. As part of valuing FREEDOM, w

Maintenance plans vs Service plans what's the difference?

With the holiday season fast approaching, we can already smell the road trip moments to the coast or the bergs.! The seats have already been "shot-gunned" and playlists are waiting to be loaded; but before we can get the journey started, we need to consider the actual thing that will be getting us there - the car. When was your last maintenance or service check? Now we know that servicing your car is not the cheapest of things to do, especially if you've planned a glorious holiday - but the las

MiWay Heroes: Takatso Ntsime

We are so proud of the individuals that make-up the MiWay team, so much so that we want to celebrate them and let you know who they are! This month's MiWay hero is Takatso Ntsime from the Training department - a wife, a mother, a student - and a team leader! We caught up with her and this is what she had to say about her role in making MiWay a world class company. 1. What department do you represent within MiWay and what role do you play in ensuring that you provide a world class service to the

Being strapped up ain't so bad!

Let's be real, many of us still don't like the idea of being strapped to our seats as we cruise down the road… but can you imagine the repercussions of not doing so and finding yourself recovering from collision-related injuries that could have been prevented or avoided? Truth is, the function of seat belts is still widely misunderstood in this day and age. Ever made the mistake of putting your seat belts behind you and sitting closer to the steering wheel? Or not sitting upright when dr

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