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The Top 10 Things to Look for in a Tracking System

Considering that your car is one of the biggest assets, if not the biggest, that you own, you can never implement enough security measures to ensure its safety. In a country where cars are not only stolen frequently, but smuggled over the border or stripped down in a matter of hours, a tracking system is arguably one of the best safety precautions to have installed. For those of us who haven't made the smart choice yet, here is a list of the top ten things to look out for before investing in a t

The Way to Go: Google Maps vs Waze

Since Google Maps contains almost 20 petabytes of data, it would make sense to think that it is the go-to driving app. But is that really the case? And what about Waze, another navigation system that has recently gained in popularity? How do they compare? Which one is the most trustworthy and efficient? Let's investigate… We compared Google Maps and Waze: Google Maps Easy to navigate and provides the user with a straightforward, comprehensible interface. Offers flexibility in terms of

Listen to these songs to calm down in traffic jams!

There is something about a traffic jam that brings out the worst in people, the proverbial savage beast. Usually people express their traffic jam frustrations in one of the following ways: By trying to obliterate their steering wheel (which makes sense considering that steering wheels are largely to blame for most things that are wrong in life). By letting out a bloodcurdling existential scream (which makes even more sense seeing as this situation serves as the ultimate proof that the universe

The Top 5 Most Thought-Provoking Car Safety Campaigns

Road safety is a concern for all drivers, and yet many of us still find ourselves exceeding speed limits, neglecting to stop at stop-streets and running red robots when in a hurry to get somewhere. We are quick to forget about the consequences and we are quick to defend ourselves by saying things like 'I was late for an appointment' or 'yes, I was driving fast. But I'm an experienced driver so I will always remain in control of the vehicle.' Let us take a look at some of the world's most effecti

Motor Warranty: Freedom to get on with Life

Do I really need Motor Warranty insurance? A few things come close to the stress that comes with when your car's manufacturer's warranty expires, and as a result you end up spending a fortune on repairs. Mechanical breakdown failure can cost a small fortune - especially since it is usually something that you plan for or take into account when you budget for your car expenses. In today's world, when something goes wrong it usually costs an arm and leg to get safely back on the road. Labour cha

Driving on South African Roads: You're Probably Doing it Wrong

For the most part, South African drivers can be commended for the environment in which they are required to drive and handle their vehicles. However, as road safety statistics reveal, local drivers are required to develop and maintain the type of driving habits that ensure safety and security. As the years after we receive our driver's license pass by, we pick up and develop habits that lead to lazy driving. Often, this laziness allows us to fall into a comfortable complacency that lends itself

MiWay inspires with Men in the Making

Even though it has its own active corporate social investment programmes, short-term insurance innovator MiWay is firmly behind the Men in the Making Day initiative. That's because the company believes in the concept of inspiring teenagers to become positive agents for change in their broader circles of influence and to help more youngsters grow into responsible, caring adults. What is Men in the Making? The Men in the Making Day (MIM) programme is an initiative by vehicle monitoring company Tra

MiWay's Guide to Road Safety

South African roads are some of the most dangerous in the world and we want to do our part to promote road safety. We are therefore proud to introduce our brand new e-book entitled 'A Guide to Road Safety in South Africa'. Packed with information on road rules, driving signals, speed limits, defensive driving and more, it is your all-inclusive guide to becoming the best driver that you can be. Along with this, we have also included interesting facts about the history of the motor car, the hist

Insurance Myths Debunked

There's a lot of information about insurance out there; so much so, that it may overwhelm you! Much of what the average person knows about insurance is via word-of-mouth. We've collated a few of the most common questions - or myths - and explain them: If you stay in a rented flat, you can't get house insurance You most likely wouldn't want to insure the whole structure if you don't own the property. You can get household contents insurance whether you own the property or not - just as long as y

Asset cover vs peril cover: What are perils in any case?

Taking up personal insurance cover is pretty straight forward especially when you know what kind of cover you need. However, it does get more complex when it comes to your business. Getting the right cover for your business needs When faced with the commercial insurance industry's standard policy wording, you will find that you are able to cover one item for many types of losses several times over under various policy sections. But how does one know that you have insured the item in the correct

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