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The Power of Words

The year 2013 has started with a bang at MiWay. Before we knew it, January has come and gone. For me personally, January is a big month - firstly, because it happens to be my birthday month and secondly, because 70.3 Ironman ("half ironman") takes place in January. So, both came and went (with a fair amount of joy and success) and now life (work and play) is moving along at a rapid pace. I tend to be a sucker for quotations, especially those made by famous people. A quotation often becomes a bit

Tough Times in the Insurance Industry. How do Champions Respond?

Times are tough in the insurance industry. Exceptional profits for a number of years pre-2012 led to a price war as well as a number of new entrants who saw the opportunity of grabbing a share of the attractive, profitable "short-term insurance cake". The natural consequence was that the industry experienced lower underwriting profit margins in 2012, and the compounding effect of the weakening rand on top of this created a "perfect storm". More competition plus lower profit margins plus a weaken

The Little Big Things

I recently had a rather strange experience. I received a compliment from a client on hellopeter.com for taking the time to interact with him on a claims query. The client lauded me for 'taking time out of my busy schedule' and for displaying visionary leadership. The hellopeter posting had a further knock-on effect when a number of MiWay employees jumped on the bandwagon to praise me. (We send all hellopeter postings, good or bad, to the entire company. I was quite surprised and mildly amused by

TCF – Treat Customers Fairly

A topic that has created a lot of debate in the insurance industry over the last couple of years, is Treat Customers Fairly (TCF). I was at first surprised that the Regulator felt the need to regulate fair treatment of customers. I have always held the belief that treating customers fairly is part and parcel of running a proper business. If your aim is to build a sustainable business that will stand the test of time, treating your customers fairly is not negotiable. Consumers have so much cho

7 smart ways to spend your bonus

Did you get a little something extra in your pay check this December? If you were lucky enough to get a year-end bonus this year, here are some tips that ensure that your hard earned reward continues to work for you over the next 12 months - and even beyond. 1. Pay off credit cards and debt Using your bonus to pay off credit cards and other loans may be one of the most productive moves you can make. Debt is as an obstacle to your financial security and it's so easy to get caught up in the sp

Quick fixes before your guests arrive

Your home is spotless and beautifully decorated - the stage is set for the perfect festive meal for your friends and family. Guest will be arriving in a few hours but, as Murphy's Law would have it, something has gone wrong. From squeaky doors to broken ovens - check out these quick fixes for common household problems: 1 - The doors squeak Squeaky doors are annoying and they may be difficult to open or close if the hinges are not lubricated. Step 1 - Gather some rags and aerosol lubricant. Spra

One more drink? Think again!

Driving whilst under the influence is one of the biggest threats to road safety in our country. According to Arrive Alive, half of all road fatalities are alcohol related. As the holiday season approaches, and with it, the promise of festivities, bear in mind the added risks that come with having a few drinks - and, rather than driving, seek a better option to get home safely. How much is too much? In South Africa, the legal limit is a breath alcohol content of 0.24mg per 1,000ml, or a blood al

Caravan holiday tips

Venturing out into the open road in your home on wheels is one of life's great but simple pleasures. If this is your first time on this new adventure, read these tips before heading out on your caravanning experience. Adding the personal touch Once you've got your very own caravan, you will most probably start thinking about how to make it your home-away-from-home. There are a number of accessories on the market to make your caravan holiday more comfortable. These accessories are useful in a v

Get ready for the holidays!

For most of us, the month of December is the sunlight at the end of the long working-year tunnel that beckons with fun and relaxation. Before you pack up your bags and trailer for that long-awaited holiday, click the thumbnails to see our infographics filled with tips to help to keep your loved ones and property safe. Planning the Journey Plan your route in advance using a GPS or a road atlas and give yourself enough time to reach your destination Try to avoid driving after dark if possible

Safety Tips for Festive Season Shopping

With the shops getting busier towards the end of November and early December, the festive season means one thing for shoppers - mayhem! Here are some tips to share and remember that will hopefully protect you and your belongings during this frantic time. #1: While shopping Always ensure that your handbag is closed and that the clip or zip is on the side touching your body Never leave your cellphone on a chair or the desk where you pay for your goods. Your cellphone should either be in your

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