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Good sing-along music, 'Padkos', great company and long scenic drives - it's that time of the year again where we get to hit the road with loved ones. During this festive season, the last thing you want to be dealing with is road trip blues due to sudden car trouble. So, before you head off on your epic road trip, be sure to give your car a full pre-trip inspection and check in with your insurance provider - doing this could save you from unnecessary financial frustrations. If you're not so sur

Life after pimping your car out

Gone are the days when car modifications were a thing done by petrol heads only. The thought of switching a few things up to match our cars to our personality, is one most of us have at one point or another. Getting your car modified could sound very tempting, especially when you have the resources to do so. There can often be grey areas about what is actually classified as modification and whether or not your insurer needs to know. A modification to your car can be classified as any alteration

Can your car battery handle the heat?

As hard as it may be to believe, high temperatures do pose a threat to your car battery. The heat causes the battery fluid to evaporate, resulting in damage to the internal structures of your car battery. Extreme heat, like 35°C, combined with high temperatures under the bonnet, accelerates corrosion of car batteries. So, if you're feeling the heat this summer, spare a moment to consider what your car's battery could be going through. Here are some tips to help your car battery handle the h

Four ways to save on your business's fuel costs

Fuel prices make us all nervous, and fuel consumption is an increasing issue for drivers and fleet owners to understand. Even if you're running a fleet of one handyman vehicle, fuel is a major business expense. These four simple tips will help fleet-owners and busy consumers alike to save cash - and protect business profits: Stay on top of your maintenance. Stick to your vehicle's recommended maintenance cycle to ensure that your engine is working optimally. Regular maintenance means that mino

What to do when your car backfires

Cars have gone from being a luxury, to being a necessity over the years. The slightest problem could lead to great inconveniences that can leave you stranded. One such problem is an unpleasant noise, followed by a jolt to the senses while driving. The last thing you're looking forward to dealing with this festive season, is a car that backfires - it can be pricy. If your car is backfiring, then it's important to understand why this happens and what the implications could be. What could be the p

What to do if your car breaks down a day after purchase

Imagine the shocker of having the car you've been waiting months to drive breaking down soon after purchase, due to engine failure - what do you do? This may sound like a scenario you would rather not think of, but it can happen. In some unfortunate cases, when purchasing a second-hand car, the sellers aren't always eager to mention the problematic history of the car, leaving you with the burden of discovery and fixing the problems as well as the additional costs. If you're considering buying a

The importance of stating the correct regular driver

"Who is the regular driver of the vehicle?" - a common question you'll be asked when shopping for insurance. Often, the importance of stating the correct regular driver to your insurer is not clearly understood; we are here to help you understand why this question is asked and how it affects your policy. What does 'regular driver' mean?According to your insurer, a regular driver is someone who drives the insured car most frequently during a given period, usually a month. Now, working this out w

What you need to know to avoid an accident

With the increasing number of drivers and vehicles on the roads, it is inevitable that the number of risks on the road will increase too. Road users are constantly exposed to the possibility of being involved in an accident and although it can happen to anyone and at any time, there are ways in which you can try and avoid it. With the increasing number of drivers and vehicles on the roads, it is inevitable that the number of risks on the road will increase too. Road users are constantly exposed

Safety tips: dealing with a burst tyre

As a driver, you need to be prepared for anything when navigating the roads. Having your tyre burst is one such thing. You may not want to think about it but you do need to know how to handle it should you find yourself stranded on the side of the road. Experiencing a tyre burst could lead to you losing complete control of your car, resulting a potentially fatal accident. You may consider yourself a safe driver and your car a safe traveling tool, however anything can happen and a tyre burst is

Vehicle overloading is it really worth it for your business?

When transporting goods and stock, it may be tempting to load the vehicle a little more than usual in order to maximise the load and possibly reduce fuel costs, but this can be a costly mistake. We know that optimising productivity, reducing operational costs and improving profit is key for any business, but "Overloaded vehicles are estimated to be responsible for R400 million of unnecessary road damage per annum" according to a report from Loadtech. Just how harmful are those extra bags of cem

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