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Watch Out for Car Theft Scams

We are all aware of the dangers of hijacking, but did you know that thieves nowadays are actually a lot smarter and more strategic when it comes to stealing your car? As a result, car insurance is a must for every driver on the roads of South Africa. The Different Types of Car Theft Scams There's something wrong with your tyre: If you are driving along and a pedestrian points to your tyre or your bumper, claiming there's something wrong, never get out of the car! Immediately check that all of

Interesting Facts about South African Drivers

With so many other drivers on the roads, have you ever wondered how you compare in terms of your driving habits and behaviours, car insurance and road safety in general? Here are some facts about South African car owners that you are sure to find very interesting. Car insurance is, unfortunately, not a priority Do you have car insurance? If so, you are a few steps ahead of 65% of the other drivers on our roads! That's correct - only 35% of South Africans actually have insurance. The fact of the

Summer Playlist for an Epic Road Trip

Going on a summer road trip? Well, there are three things you'll definitely need to get done before hitting the road: Have the car checked out to ensure that it can handle the long drive. Inform your car insurance provider that you're going on a long journey. Create a summer playlist for your journey. The first two checklist items you'll have to take care of yourself, but we think we can help you with number three. We won't work out your entire playlist for you, but we will give you a couple o

4 Reasons You Need Car Insurance

"I'm a good driver. I don't need car insurance" Let's be honest, how many of us have uttered this phrase? Quite a few, it seems. Seeing as though approximately only 30% of South African drivers actually have motor insurance, this notion seems to be a growing trend in our country, resulting in some dangerous, costly situations for citizens who quickly come to realise that accidents do happen. The fact of the matter is that regardless of how good a driver you may be - or think you are - there are

How to Avoid Road Rage and What to Do If You're a Victim

Most of us have experienced it - the blaring of a hooter that goes on for a bit too long, the angry curse of someone as they drive past you, the absolute frustration and white knuckles clenching onto your steering wheel as you mutter a string of obscene words that you wish the other driver could hear. Road rage. We've either been responsible for it or have been a victim of it. It can be mild in some instances; when it's a simple war of 'who can hoot the longest' or an inappropriate hand gesture

Are your vehicles insured for the correct value?

Determining the correct value of your vehicle is not a difficult task. If, however, your vehicle is not correctly insured, the impact on the client can be detrimental - leading to payments on claims that do not equal the value of the vehicle. This can be specifically problematic in the case of commercial vehicles. The value of a vehicle is mostly determined by utilising the TransUnion Auto Dealers' Guide. This guide is a culmination of four decades' worth of researching vehicle values and data r

Protecting your electronic devices

We live in the technological age; electronics are a part of our everyday lives. Why not protect what's yours? Many of these gadgets like smartphones, tablets and laptops are pretty expensive, there is so much to consider, like the cost of having to replace the device when lost or the painful risk of losing data. Make sure you take good care of your electronics, by following these tips. Keep your gadgets away from water. Water is a conductor of electricity and if your device comes into contact w

What You Need to Know about your Windscreen

If you have comprehensive car insurance, your insurance policy will probably cover damage to your windscreen. This is great news, as the danger of driving with a cracked windscreen is quite serious indeed. With constant road works going on across the country, windscreen damage is a bigger problem than it has ever been before. Many of us have noticed a chip or a small crack on the glass of our vehicles and, being the busy people that we are, have chosen to ignore the damage or, at the very least,

4 Things that Every Car Owner Should Be Able To Do

When it comes to owning a car, it is expected that vehicle owners should be able to perform a handful of basic mechanical tasks. Unfortunately, we cannot run to our insurance companies or mechanic for every bump or nick. For the less complex vehicular emergencies, it is up to us to take charge and find a solution. Buying a car requires a thorough reading of the manual - a book that provides the finest of details pertaining to a new set of wheels, in excruciating detail. Most of us flip through i

5 Interesting Facts About Cars

They have simplified transport in the last 125 years and continue to add comfort to our daily commute. Cars are one of our most prized possessions; we have treasured them from their inception, whether used to display wealth and status, or used to transport a family of five little girls to their ballet lessons. Cars have served us well over the last century, and we take care of them by taking out car insurance, washing them and ensuring that they are regularly serviced. We love our cars for the

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