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Road Rage: Drivers vs pedestrians

Road rage is a major problem on our roads every day; causing anger, stress, anxiety, and accidents. Road rage doesn't always involve two drivers - sometimes it's between a driver and a pedestrian. As road users, we all need to learn to deal with these problems, and prevent unnecessary violence towards others on the road - even those walking on the pavement. Here are some guidelines for drivers and pedestrians to avoid road rage. Due care and obeying the rules of the road: All drivers are resp

Here's how medication can affect road safety

We all know that every tablet we consume has side-effects of its own which may affect how our bodies function on a daily basis, but regardless, medication plays an important role in maintaining a healthy and pain free lifestyle. Driving is a difficult skill to perfect, which demands mental alertness, clear vision, physical coordination and the ability to react applicably. What most South Africans don't know is that driving under the influence of medication can be hazardous to the lives of many

15 tips to stay safe on the road

Daily driving on our roads can be quite the adventure - with different types of dangers lurking at different turns, you want to do more than just arrive alive at your destination. Although the common view is that women are easier targets on the road, road safety is imperative irrespective of who is behind the wheel. Having the right kind of information will come in handy in case of an emergency. Aside from ensuring that you are well aware of all of the road rules, and always carrying a relevant

Dropping the clutch on trucks - going the automatic route

The growing trend towards automation hasn't just stayed at cars. Multiple industries are using smart technologies to reduce costs and drive business efficiency. Globally, it appears that sales of automated two-pedal trucks are beginning to inch past those of three-pedal models. When it comes to driving trucks, and changing gears, it is claimed that by reducing the momentum lost when changing gears, anything from four to seven seconds may be gained for every 400 metres travelled — a saving

Here's what happens when a tourist drives into your car

Driving in Mzansi is not for the faint-hearted - now can you imagine a driver who is a tourist in South Africa having to adjust to our roads? It's not always an obvious thing, but very often we are sharing our roads with tourists who experience driving very differently to us in their respective country. There are a number of accident cases daily, some of which may involve drivers that are not from South Africa and are merely here on holiday or business trips. Question is, what happens next? H

Balloon payments: don't get carried away

So you've decided that it's time you got your own 4-wheeled baby or upgraded your current one to something better… you know what you want and nobody can stop you, right? Well when it comes to buying a car, there are a number of different factors to consider - one of the biggest being finances. It is very important to think about affordability when buying a car, which includes your monthly repayments and running costs. Dealerships and finance houses have taken into consideration the depth

A 'love note' from the authorities

You're driving along and doing best to 'stay in your lane' until you reach your destination, when suddenly there're blue lights flashing at you and an officer signalling you to pull over - a feeling many of us know all too well. Panic sets in almost immediately, whether you've done something wrong or not. Before you know it, you're handing over your driver's license and getting checked for outstanding fines - or if you're unlucky, you're being handed a pricey "love-note" from the authorities. H

4 things millennials need to know about insurance

The process of growing up is one that cannot really be avoided, even more so the responsibilities that come with it. Adulting*, as most millennials will call it, comes with often overlooked tasks - like getting insurance. You're at the stage where you're getting your own car, place, furniture etc. Nobody really wants to think about the worst case scenario when it comes to their valuables, however getting insurance is more than just that - it's ensuring that you have a recovery plan when things

Insuring your varsity-bound child

With the year well on its way, schools have opened and tertiary institutions are welcoming their students back. If you have a child going off to study, chances are they have some valuables that they are taking with them. How many of us have actually considered what will happen should these items get damaged or lost/stolen? Insurance is there to assist you to get back to the same position you were in before the damage or loss of your valuables. Often, insuring the items your child takes with the

MiHeart - Shaping tomorrow's leaders

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future" - Franklin D Roosevelt Very often it is said that the future is in the hands of the youth, the leaders of tomorrow; and for us to shape the future, we need to begin by moulding the very youth carrying it. As part of MiWay's core business values, we have taken the initiative to get involved with communities and extend our support in the development of township schools. We take pride in investing our ti

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