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How to avoid buying a water-damaged car

We welcome the rain filling up our dams and reservoirs, especially with the current water restrictions - however, we can't ignore the damage that can be caused by storms and floods. Flood water can potentially cause severe damage to our cars that is often hard to spot once the car has dried. If you're on the market for a second-hand car, you definitely don't want to be buying a damaged car. What damages are these, you ask? Damage to airbags - in some cases resulting in them opening unexpectedl

Advanced tracking technology key to fleet asset management and operational control

Advanced vehicle tracking gives fleet owners access to a great deal more than support in vehicle recovery in the case of theft - it also enables better risk management, lower operational costs and improved HR management. It is thus that, as a benefit of its Heavy Commercial Vehicle insurance solutions, MiWay Business Insurance gives its clients free basic tracking devices and preferential rates on optional advanced tracking systems. Mornè Stoltz, Head of Business Insurance and Direct Bro

Breaking news: MiWay clients come clean about MiWay!

MiWay clients have spoken and they've been heard! MiWay's compliments to complaints ratio on HelloPeter.com is a clear indication that MiWay is doing their best to bring their clients #InsuranceFreedom. Thanks to feedback given by the public, MiWay has made it to the number one spot as the most complimented insurer. MiWay prides itself in transparency and lives out its values of freedom, accountability, energy and attitude not only internally, but externally too. As part of valuing FREEDOM, w

Maintenance plans vs Service plans what's the difference?

With the holiday season fast approaching, we can already smell the road trip moments to the coast or the bergs.! The seats have already been "shot-gunned" and playlists are waiting to be loaded; but before we can get the journey started, we need to consider the actual thing that will be getting us there - the car. When was your last maintenance or service check? Now we know that servicing your car is not the cheapest of things to do, especially if you've planned a glorious holiday - but the las

MiWay Heroes: Takatso Ntsime

We are so proud of the individuals that make-up the MiWay team, so much so that we want to celebrate them and let you know who they are! This month's MiWay hero is Takatso Ntsime from the Training department - a wife, a mother, a student - and a team leader! We caught up with her and this is what she had to say about her role in making MiWay a world class company. 1. What department do you represent within MiWay and what role do you play in ensuring that you provide a world class service to the

Being strapped up ain't so bad!

Let's be real, many of us still don't like the idea of being strapped to our seats as we cruise down the road… but can you imagine the repercussions of not doing so and finding yourself recovering from collision-related injuries that could have been prevented or avoided? Truth is, the function of seat belts is still widely misunderstood in this day and age. Ever made the mistake of putting your seat belts behind you and sitting closer to the steering wheel? Or not sitting upright when dr

What you need to know about commercial vehicle insurance

South Africa's notoriously dangerous road system poses countless risks to any business whose services are dependent on mobility. Given the epic financial and logistical consequences faced as a result of a lost or stolen commercial vehicle, it's important for you as a business owner to understand your specific insurance needs and to make sure that you have the best solution in place to effectively meet your business insurance needs and put you back in the position you were in before your loss.

Road rage - and how to deal with it

We often hear that one's true character is revealed in the way they treat others, especially those not in one's personal circle of interaction. But how often do we actually consider the persona we present to others when we are on the road - and how that persona makes us look? Why are we picking on character? Well, the way we react to situations is mostly conceived from character - and thus road rage can say a lot about your character (or lack thereof). But with every situation, there are step

Don't sweat the small talk!

Do you Uber? A question that is becoming more and more common as this ride-sharing app continues to spread its footprint around South Africa. And if you do Uber, do you chat to the driver? Now, we get it - not everybody is for small talk or is the type to launch into full-on conversations with everyone they meet… after all, we were raised to not talk to strangers. But if you are going to be spending a good 20 minutes or more with someone, you may want to break the ice a bit - especially

Is bigger always better?

Chicken or beef?... Or more appropriate… Diesel or petrol? When it comes to cars, we can't ignore engine size and fuel type, as they are an important part of deciding what type of car to go for. When considering this, you're not just considering the effects on your pocket, but also the environmental impact. Car manufacturers are becoming more and more innovative in the development of cars to cater more for environmentally-conscious, yet speed-loving drivers. At the end of the day, the qu

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