The MiWay Freedom Charter

We, the people of MiWay declare for all of South Africa to know that:

  • the right to #insurancefreedom belongs to all who live in South Africa
  • no person shall ever be robbed of their right to save time and money – it shall therefore be quick and easy to get insured
  • MiWay shall at all times offer its customers excellent service
  • all people shall be entitled to fair treatment at all times
  • every man and woman shall have the right to speak freely – your opinion will always be important to us 
  • transacting online and via the MiWay app shall guarantee flexibility and convenience 24/7/365

And therefore, we, the people of MiWay, adopt this Freedom Charter and we pledge ourselves to giving the people of this country #insurancefreedom, being a good corporate citizen and playing a meaningful role in the transformation of the Financial Services Industry.