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As your business continues to grow, we offer you solutions that will continue to serve your business through its lifecycle.

MiWay's Business Insurance team is committed to providing you with world-class service. Simply give us your details using the form and we'll give you a call.

If your business vehicles travel less, you should pay less for insurance.

The flexibility of a fixed standard excess or a percentage excess which may be adjusted to suit your financial needs.

Excellent service!!

Access to emergency roadside and office assistance services.

Cover for the replacement of locks and keys.

Wreckage removal, towing limits which can be increased, and storage of business vehicles.

Cover outside of South Africa into various African territories.

Replacement vehicle or vehicle loss of use while your vehicle is being repaired.

MiBusinessAssist - marketing, legal, financial, labour and other support to help you run your business.

Find the right business insurance cover for your business from our range of products and services:

Business Vehicles

Insurance cover for all your business vehicle needs, including cars, bakkies, trucks, trailers, special purpose vehicles, goods in transit and more.

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Environmental Liability Cover

MiWay Business Insurance is excited to introduce Environmental Transport Liability Cover. Designed to protect the business you've worked so hard to build.

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Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability cover protects you against some of the risks you may encountered in the course of your professional career.

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Motor Traders Insurance

Motor Traders

As a member of the motor trade industry, you need a unique insurance solution to suit the needs of your business.

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Business Property

Cover for your building, office contents, money, electronic and specialised equipment and stock.

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Business Interruption

Having your business operations interrupted is a huge inconvenience, not to mention a costly one, as your turnover is affected – but we have your back!

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Staff Dishonesty

Get Staff Dishonesty cover from MiWay Business Insurance, also known as Fidelity Insurance.

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All Risk 

One of the most comprehensive types of cover available for items that are used away from your premises.

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Broadform Liability

Umbrella cover for commercial liability including public liability, product liability and defective workmanship.

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Personal Accident

Insurance cover for accidental death or injury of an employee in the course of employment.

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A business support service designed to reduce unnecessary operational costs.

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* Premiums are risk profile dependent and increase annually, taking economic factors into account. Terms and conditions apply to all products, services and benefits. Get in touch with us or refer to our policy wording for more details.