MiWay innovates in speeding up hail claims

Published on: 14 October 2014

Short-term insurer MiWay has launched a series of proactive measures to help clients file claims quickly and easily in the event of hail damage.

This year, MiWay has harnessed email and SMSes to proactively assist clients that have been affected by hail storms in the identified areas. This communication includes an online link specific to each client and event. Anyone who has suffered hail damage will be able to skip the call centre queues and simply use the link to click through to the dedicated MiWay hail damage claims system available online and via mobile.  

Upon lodging a claim, the client will receive a claim reference number and confirmation that the claim is queued for validation. The claims team will get in touch with clients regarding the claims process and the way forward. 

MiWay is committed to making the client’s claims experience as straightforward as it should be. "This is just another way that MiWay is using technology to make our clients' lives easier. In the unfortunate event of having to submit a claim, MiWay makes a potentially confusing and tedious process as hassle-free as possible," says René Otto, CEO of MiWay.

MiWay also offers other methods of lodging claims to suit individual preferences:

  1. Online - by registering and logging into MiXpress, MiWay's self-service portal.
  2. MiWay's own mobile app – available for download from your app store
  3. Email -
  4. Telephone – 0860 64 64 64

Our business goal is to deliver great value-for-money products, and we aim to do this by following the basic principles of great customer service and transparency in all of our dealings.  

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